NICE Guidance on Smoking

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued the following guidance documents on smoking cessation. Click here for the full list of guidance on smoking and tobacco on the NICE website or follow the links below to particular topics.

Cessation / Smoking reduction

Dementia, disability and frailty in later life: mid-life approaches to delay or prevent onset [NG16] (Oct 2015)
Tobacco Harm Reduction Quality Standard (QS92) 
Behaviour change: Individual approaches. (PH49)  (2014) external page

Smoking cessation - acute, maternity and mental health services. (PH48) (2013) -  external page
Quitting smoking in pregnancy and following childbirth. (PH26) (2013) - external page
Supporting people to stop smoking, quality standard (QS43) (2013)  - external page
Tobacco Harm Reduction (PH45) - external page
Smokeless tobacco cessation - Helping people of South Asian origin to stop using smokeless tobacco (PH39) (2012) - external page
Identifying and supporting people most at risk of dying-prematurely (PH15) (2008) - external page
Smoking cessation services in primary care, pharmacies, local authorities and workplaces, particularly for manual working groups, pregnant women and hard to reach communities (PH10) (2008) - external page
Varenicline for smoking cessation (TA123) (2007) - pdf file
Workplace interventions to promote smoking cessation: Public health intervention guidance (PH5) (2007) - external page
Brief interventions and referral for smoking cessation (PH1) (2006) - external page

Public Health / Smoking Prevention
Local government public health briefings (PHB1) (2012) - external page
School-based interventions to prevent smoking
. (PH23) (2010) - external page
Preventing the uptake of smoking by children and young people  (PH14) (2008) - external page

Publications on cost effectiveness of public health intervention guidance
Preventing the uptake of smoking by children and young people: review of cost effectiveness (July 2008) - pdf file
Cost-effectiveness of brief intervention and referral for smoking cessation (2006) - pdf file
Cost-effectiveness of interventions for smoking cessation (2007) - pdf file
Cost impact analysis of workplace-based interventions for smoking cessation: Sensitivity analysis of time lost due to smoking (2007) - pdf file 

Guidance under development