Social Responsibility

This section looks at the Tobacco industry's conduct in being socially responsible.

ASH Letter to Caroline Flint MP
ASH letter to Caroline Flint the then Minister for Health regarding BAT's marketing to young people.
Author: Deboarh Arnott Published By: ASH Published : 25/04/2007

Trust us: we're the tobacco industry PowerPoint Presentation
May 2001: ASH and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids released a report that brought together a devastating collection of tobacco industry quotes. This presentation brings together only some of the quotes from that report.

British American Tobacco: Exporting Misery
A casestudy of BAT's efforts to promote smoking abroad, using Kenya as a casestudy and focusing on the environmental damage and exploitation of cheap labour they are responsible for, as well as the use of methods that are no longer legal in this country or many other developed nations in recruiting new nicotine addicts.
Author: ASH Published By: ASH Published : 24/04/2006

BAT in its own words
This is the second major report jointly produced by ASH, Christian Aid and Friends of the Earth. It examines British American Tobacco's boasts of corporate social responsibility and demonstrates the deceit and corporate greed behind this projected image. 
Author: ASH, Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth Published By: ASH Published : 27/04/2005

BAT's Big Wheeze - the alternative report
April 2004: A major report jointly produced by ASH, Christian Aid and Friends of the Earth examining the British American Tobacco's claims of being a socially responsible company. This report shows that though BAT tries hard to convince shareholders and governments of its CSR credentials, its operations around the world leave a lot to be desired.
Author: Lisa Rimmer, Ian Wilmore Published By: ASH Published : 01/04/2004

Multinational Monitor. "Bad apples in a rotten system: the 10 worst corporations of 2002."
2002 will forever be remembered as the year of corporate crime, the year which even saw President George Bush embracing the notion of "corporate responsibility." In a roundup of the year, the Multinational Monitor names the ten worst corporations. BAT easily made it on their list, defeating its own standards of CSR.
Author: Mokhiber, R. & Weissman R. Published By: Multinational Monitor Published : 30/11/2002

BAT social report revisited: ASH comes to BAT
A detailed critique of BAT's first social report. We evaluated BATs performance against criteria set by Institute for Social and Ethical Accountability and found the company measurably and demonstrably wanting.
Author: ASH Published By: ASH Published : 30/09/2002

BAT's socially responsible smoke screen
The magazine PR Watch takes a long hard look at BAT's claims of social responsibility. A detailed and in depth analysis of the duplicity of the tobacco company's stance. PR Watch, Fourth Quarter 2002, Volume 9, number 4.
Author: Bob Burton, Andy Rowell Published By: PR Watch Published : 31/08/2002

British American Tobacco - the other report to society
June 2002: ASH's response to British American Tobacco's 'stakeholder dialogue' and its social reporting. We explain exactly why BAT is irresponsible and unethical - and it's much more than merely selling deadly products.
Author: ASH Published By: ASH Published : 04/07/2002

ASH perspective on 'ethical investment' and tobacco companies
The outcome of discussion with a large pension fund on how a responsibly-motivated investor could apply constructive pressure to a tobacco company in which it owned shares - a process known as engagement.
Author: Clive Bates Published By: ASH Published : 30/04/2002

BAT wants a stakeholder dialogue - ASH response
BAT tries to engage ASH in 'stakeholder dialogue' using senior clerics as intermediaries. In these three letters ASH explains why we will not talk - principle, practicality and process. We do not oppose dialogue with companies, even tobacco companies - but BAT are nowhere near the starting line.
Author: ASH Published By: ASH Published : 09/09/2001

Trust Us: We're the tobacco industry (Spanish version)
The Spanish translation of ASH and Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids report Trust Us: We're the Tobacco industry. Confie en nosotros: somos la industria tabacalera.
Author: Ross Hammond, Andy Rowell Published By: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, ASH Published : 02/08/2001

Trust Us: We're The Tobacco Industry
A devastating assembly of tobacco industry quotes covering addiction, advertising, economics, agriculture, developing countries, secondhand smoke, smuggling, product design, youth and the companies' own anti-smoking programmes, women, lobbying and media relations. It also challenges the companies' attempts to distance themselves from the past.
Author: Ross Hammond, Andy Rowell Published By: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, ASH Published : 16/05/2001

Tobacco chief forced out of GlaxoSmith Kline
After a highly organised campaign by health campaigners and institutional shareholders.  The chairman of Imperial Tobacco, Derek Bonham, was forced to stand down from the board of GlaxoSmith Kline, the pharmaceutical company which makes smoking cessation drugs. This report is from the UK Sunday Business.
Author: Griffin R. Published By: Sunday Business (UK) Published : 17/04/2001

BBC interview with David Davies of Philip Morris International
A interview by Tim Sebastian on Hard Talk, BBC (March 2001) with David Davies, Vice-President, Philip Morris International.  Historians may like to compare it with a 1976 interview with Philip Morris executive, James Bowling which contained many of the same platitudes and postures.
Author: BBC Published By: BBC Published : 28/03/2001

ASH Letter to GlaxoSmithKline
Regarding the Chairman of Imperial Tobacco, Derek Bonham, being on the board of GlaxoSmithKline.
Author: Clive Bates Published By: ASH Published : 06/03/2001