Presentations by ASH and external organisations that are available for download and use.

Tobacco Policy & Public Opinion in the UK
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand: Tobacco policy and public opinion in the UK Research report on public attitudes to a range of tobacco control measures, conducted by YouGov 28/04/2008
Author: Tanya Buchanan, Martin Dockrell, Ben Murray Published By: ASH Published : 27/04/2008

Health inequalities PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation for Inequalities and Smoking Colloquium June 2001. This was a meeting of experts convened to discuss smoking and health inequalities. The purpose of the meeting was to provide a framework for discussion of the impact of tobacco control policies on low income smokers and to make recommendations for the way forward.

The health benefits of smoking cessation PowerPoint Presentation
June 2002: 20 slides on the health impacts of stopping smoking, covering longevity, cancer, lung disease, CHD and others. Thanks to Martin Jarvis (University College, London) and Serena Tonstad (Ullevål University Hospital, Norway) for providing the slides.

Tobacco industry initiatives on youth smoking - PowerPoint Presentation
June 2002: Presentation (36 slides) based on Danger! PR in the playground with graphic examples of youth smoking initiatives and evidence from tobacco industry documents.

The evolving fight against tobacco PowerPoint Presentation
This presentation identifies the key areas in which the ill effects of tobacco are felt, dispels some of the 'rationale' behind smoking and lists the policy arenas within which the fight against tobacco can be played out. 2000.

Trust us: we're the tobacco industry PowerPoint Presentation
May 2001: ASH and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids released a report that brought together a devastating collection of tobacco industry quotes. This presentation brings together only some of the quotes from that report.

Health, social and economic impacts of tobacco on the UK PowerPoint Presentation
2001. This presentation covers the many aspects of tobacco control as well as giving an overview of the health consequences of smoking, environmental impact of tobacco and more.