Current Policy Issues

Smoking is the major preventable cause of death in the UK. To achieve our vision of a society free from the harm caused by tobacco, ASH is involved in the development of tobacco control policies both nationally and internationally.  

The Government's Tobacco Control Plan for Englandcovered the period 2011-2015. A new report – Smoking Still Kills – published by ASH and endorsed by more than 120 organisations, proposes new targets for a renewed national strategy to reduce smoking prevalence. The report builds on a previous report Beyond Smoking Kills, published in 2008.  

ASH makes regular submissions to policy consultations on various tobacco-related issues. Those responses can be found on the Submissions page of this website.

  • Advertising and promotion

    Review the legal restrictions placed on most forms of tobacco advertising.
  • Harm reduction & product regulation

    Explore the various ways of reducing the harm caused by tobacco use.
  • Health inequalities

    Review the major role played by smoking in health inequalities between socio-economic groups.
  • Secondhand Smoke

    Learn more about the effects of passive, or secondhand, smoking (SHS).
  • Taxation & smuggling

    Explore the arguments for raising tobacco tax and tackling smuggling to reduce tobacco use
  • Youth Smoking

    The best way to reduce youth smoking is through comprehensive tobacco control measures that apply to the whole population.